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Your Parish Council Needs You!

We have spaces for 2 more Parish Councillors for Tingewick, so if you think you could help us make a difference to the village or bring some new ideas to the table, please come and join us. 

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NHS Winter health briefing

As ever winter finds the NHS working at full stretch to keep the public healthy and, if needed, moving through health and care services safely and efficiently.  

A number of key situations and offers have arisen in the past few weeks which we’d like to make you aware of and let you know what current advice and messaging is:

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Flood Update 19-Apr-2021

The next stage of the Section 19 flooding enquiry process is about to start and the Buckinghamshire Council Flood Management Team would like to hear comments and views from as many Tingewick residents as possible.

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Flood Update – progress to date

CCTV inspection to main street culvert completed ….no obstructions or damage, all clear and running well. We also asked for CCTV to be put down Westwell Lane, given two properties on the corner experienced water rising through the floors…

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