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Flood Update 19-Apr-2021

The next stage of the Section 19 flooding enquiry process is about to start and the Buckinghamshire Council Flood Management Team would like to hear comments and views from as many Tingewick residents as possible. This helps them have a good cross section on all views from those that were affected this time and those that have seen it happen before.

So PLEASE complete the questionnaire found here and submit asap!

This is an extract of their letter to TPC; “As you are aware, following the flooding that impacted Tingewick on 23 December 2020, Buckinghamshire Council in its role as the Lead Local Flood Authority is undertaking a formal flood investigation under Section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act (2010). Buckinghamshire Council has commissioned JBA Consulting to investigate the causes and impacts of the flooding that occurred. We would like to arrange a site visit with representatives from Tingewick Parish Council to look at the locations which flooded and understand the sources and impacts of flooding and speak to residents about their experiences during the flood event. The information that we gather will help the Council to understand how this flooding has impacted the local community, and to consider potential options to manage the risk of similar flooding occurring in the future.”

We will let you know when the team will be visiting the village for those of you who are happy to speak to the investigators.

Thank you

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