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Tingewick Charities ‘Helping Hands’

Tingewick Charities is a small local village charity that was first formed to help Tingewick residents in times of need and it continues today to help people facing challenging times. 

The charity has been in existence since the mid-17th century and was first formed with money that had been gifted to the parish in wills by Rectors of our village church and previous church wardens. 

These include Francis Edmonds, Charles Longland, Elizabeth North, and an Allotment fund. Some of the rectors names you will recognise as street names that we now have at Tingewick Park. The new charity was created in 1979 by merging the 4 smaller ones and the gifted monies was then invested with the CCLA (Churches Charities and Local Authorities) and is a registered charity that is overseen by the Charities Commission. Charity number 205304. The interest received each year from these investments is approximately £940 and this is the money that can be used to help any villagers who require any specific financial help.  

As a registered charity we can accept donations. In February we were gifted £400 from the villages Community Café team and in March received £500 from the Tingewick Diamonds. Both were wonderful surprises, and the monies will be put to very good use. Thank you so much to both these groups.

We have recently had a change of Trustees and a new team is now looking at how we can make everyone in the village aware of the charity’s existence and put the gifted monies to good use. The trustees are:

David Partridge Chairman. Primrose Cottage, Main Street  

Sandra Getman Royal Oak Licensee. Main Street

Martin Hornsey Parish Council. The Laurels, Main Street 

Jackie Newman Parish Council. 7 Wykeham Close, Tingewick Park

Trisha Lightfoot Parish Council. Ancient Lights, Main Street

Due to the new trustees understanding how the charity worked and the process involved, plus them needing to be registered with both the Charity Commission and the bank, then in addition the added impact of Covid, no payments have been made recently. However, we now have everything in place. 

So, please if you know of any Tingewick resident, who may benefit from financial assistance, please let us know. The trustees above can be contacted individually details above, or any request letters can be delivered to Sandra at The Royal Oak, Mac at the village shop, or you can contact us via our dedicated email address  

Please remember that every case  is considered in absolute confidence.

Thank you from the Charities Trustees

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