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Oxford-Cambridge Expressway

What is the Oxford – Cambridge Expressway?
The Expressway is a proposed strategic road between Oxford and Cambridge (via Milton Keynes). The scheme is managed by Highways England.

What do we currently know?
In September 2018 it was announced that corridor B had been selected as the preferred corridor for the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway. This was the central of the three proposed corridors. Two sub corridors within the preferred corridor are being taken forward to develop viable route options (corridors B1 and B3). There is currently no route.

The preferred corridor runs through Aylesbury Vale, a map showing the preferred corridor can be seen below:

Where can you find information?
As a way of providing the public with information Highways England has developed a webpage for the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway.…/oxford-to-cambridge-expressway/ The webpage is being updated by Highways England as the Expressway project continues.

What are the timescales for the project?
Highways England’s indicative timescale for the Expressway are shown below:
• September 2018 – Corridor decision
• Autumn 2019 – Route options for public consultation
• Autumn 2020 – Preferred route announcement
• 2020 – 2025 – Consultation and preparation of orders, Development Consent Order application, Examination by Planning Inspectorate and decision.
• 2025 – Start of construction
• 2030 – Indicative date for road opening

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